Program offerings

Hope U Academy– Young adults learn independent living skills preparing them for success on their own when they age out of care. Available to 14-21 year olds currently in foster care. Youth are referred by their local development of human or social service.


Hope U Assist– Youth focus on education and vocational training to attain self-efficacy. Hope-U removed the barriers young people may face in achieving goals by providing financial assistance with housing, transportation, food, utilities, tuition, books or other support. With emotional support and guidance, youth are self-empowered to navigate life’s challenge.

Hope U High School– Students receive an actual High School Diploma, as opposed to a GED! This online curriculum, with an interactive blended learning platform, is fully accredited in all 50 states. Youth 18-26 are also eligible.



Hope U Apprenticeship- Through collaboration with Tidewater Community College, high school juniors and seniors can take advantage of dual enrollment and enter a career through Hope U’s youth/apprenticeship programs.