Hard work and effort is paying off for local youth-focused non-profit group

July 23, 2019 . . . CHESAPEAKE, VA – Hope-U Foundation is working to end homelessness, hunger and unemployment for young people in Hampton Roads.

Nick Gabriel, executive Director of Hope-U Foundation, has a goal of assisting the community’s disconnected youth between the ages of 16-24 who are neither working or in school. That means he hopes to help them achieve independence and sustainable employment through a reliable support system.

And, his program is working.

“We have 35,000 disconnect youth in Hampton Roads,” Gabriel said. “That means children ages 16 to 24 might be couch hopping with friends and are somewhat unsure where their next real meal will come from.”

Gabriel defines disconnected youth as those who aren’t working and aren’t in school. This population might have a place to stay and food supplied to them but nothing is concrete. He went on to say many college-age students might have tuition payments worked out; but paying for an apartment or food is not as thoroughly planned.

As a result of the hard work in changing the lives of young people, Gabriel recently received a $100,000 anonymous grant to help continue – and grow – the program.

Hope-U offers apprenticeship programs, high school diploma or GED programs, as well as independent living skills classes. There is also vocational training programs.

“These young people should be focused on their education,” Gabriel said, “not whether or not they will have food or shelter. If we work together we can make an impact on a community problem,” Gabriel said. “We can bridge the gap for these youth and make a difference in their lives.”

Interested in becoming a partner or sponsoring a program, call 757-227-5444. For more information about Hope-U Foundation visit https://hope-u.org/.

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