The mission of the Hope U Foundation is simply:

Ending homelessness, hunger, and unemployment for youth in our community.

Our goals are two-fold:

  1. Empower young people to attain autonomy by teaching them independent living skills to better prepare them for young adulthood. The focus for these 14-21 year olds is skill development and SMART goal setting;
  2. To help emancipated foster youth connect, and disconnected youth re-connect, offering temporary financial assistance, mentoring, education and reinforcement of transitional life skills. The focus for these 18-26 year olds is removing barriers to education and employment goals.

Many of us grew up in a family with a mother and father—though not perfect—and took for granted the fact that we had both parents who loved and cared for us.  A warm bed, and a hot meal was a norm.  We were able to learn life skills, and learned very effectively how to live independently, becoming full-fledged adults. We had support to fulfill our dreams and reach our destiny.

Most foster care youth didn’t share this experience. Join Hope U Foundation in making certain that they have the same opportunities that we did. Work with us so that they can meet their goals and obtain success. These youth need our help.


What we can do for you

Hope U empowers young people to live successful, independent lives.

HopeU Academy

Hope U High School

Hope U Assist

Hope U Apprenticeship